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IS300 XS-Power SSAutochrome Turbo Kit Build

Building my 02 5spd is300 mainly to have a quick reliable daily. I just bought a XSPOWER turbo kit and I have to say looking good.
I recently purchased a xs power turbo kit at a unbelievable price.
When I first opened the kit it came with everything you needed and then some.

XSPower t4 T61 turbo:
The turbo is perfect size I think for my goals. However about the turbo's quality the turbine is solid no play or rubbing.

XSPower turbo manifold:
The manifold looks well put together the welds are solid and great supports.

XSPower intercooler:
It is a double core front facing intercooler welds looking good.

XSPower downpipe:
The main thing that really got me excited is that the dp came with the 2 o2 sensor bungs and a a/f gauge bung so I don't have to worry about getting it welded. As well as v band clamps.

XSPower Wastegate:
The waste gate looks exactly as the HKS one and seems to be pretty good quality.

XSPower BOV:
It is a Greddy replica that also seems to be pretty good quality.

So far I am really impressed with the xspower kit and their customer service is great, it is at a great price, and good quality can't wait to install. Ill keep you guys posted.


IS300 XS-Power SSAutochrome Turbo Kit Install

The xs power kit had all the parts I need to make this install in one weekend.
Turbo Manifold install I had to move the brake lines slightly just makes sure the turbo doesn't rest on on them.
Turbo install, I found it easier to install the turbo and the manifold together and then putting on the engine becuase those bolts on the turbo are in tight places
Intercooler install, the intercooler brakets are installed on the inside of the crash bar just loosen the nut, put the bracket on and on the intercooler, then tight it all down.
Oil feed lIne, The feed line I ran to the oil pressure switch where I teed it off one side with the pressure switch and one side with the fitting for line then the feed line.
Oil Return line, I took off my oil pan and drilled where the oil return would be on the gte motor (indentations are there). To do this everyone said to drop the subframe, but I found a new way. Loosen the motor mounts make sure to leave a couple of threads so they don't pop out the holes otherwise you are going to have fun getting them back in. Then use like a piece of wood so there isn't metal to metal contact and jack up the upper pan in between the tranny and subframe. Then remove the bolts holding the pan in and voila.
Down pipe install, to install the down pipe I found it easier to run it up thru the bottom you will probably need help with this have someone hold the down pipe in place while you tighten the v-band on the turbo. I would install the O2 sensors first before putting it in. Once, you finish you should take your car to a exhaust shop and either weld on a v-band or weld it all together, but if you do that you wont be able to get it out if you need to.
All thats left is to do all the plumbing, add some oil and your good to go. For oil my tuner recommended that I use 20w-50 Castrol GTX.








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